Tips for Taking Your Behind the Wheel Road Test in Florida

After you have completed and passed your written drivers test, you will need to take the behind the wheels portion of testing and pass to receive your license. The Florida behind the wheel road test is approximately 20 minutes long, and will cover some of the basic maneuvers you will you use in daily driving on the road. A State Certified examiner will ride with you during the test and grade you (using the state certified computer tablet) based on your ability to complete simple operations and follow directions and instruction such as turning right and left, parking, and basic skills as outlined in the Florida DMV Handbook.

What can I do to prepare before taking a behind the wheel test?

Many people fail their road test several times before finally receiving their license. Making sure you are in good physical and mental condition to test is a good way to assure you will pass on the first try. If you are nervous, sleepy or in a bad emotion state while trying to take the behind the wheels test it is likely you will make bad decisions.

Study, practice, study and practice some more. Learn the procedures as outlined in the Florida DMV Handbook.

Prepare Yourself

Many drivers become nervous in anticipation of the test. Make sure you keep yourself calm and a relaxed upon arrival for test day. Get a good night sleep and eat a healthy meal, so that you will be alert and ready to pass. In addition, review the Florida driverís handbook so that you are confident in understanding the signs and signals you will come across on the road.

Prepare your Vehicle

In addition to preparing yourself, be sure that you know the vehicle you are driving. Some companies offer their own specific cars for use during the test. These vehicles are clearly marked so that other drivers will know you are testing. Before driving on the road, adjust your mirrors, seat and steering wheel to a position that is comfortable for you. This will help avoid blind spots and accidents.

If you are using your own vehicle, take some time to become familiar with it. Go for at least one practice drive with your licensed driver before the test day. Check that all lights and turn signals are working and in good condition. Keep in mind if you are using your own vehicle the other drivers on the road will not know you are a new driver and testing. Remember, when using your vehicle for the road test, you must present a current insurance card (Not a picture on a phone or tablet but an actual printer document) and a current Valid Registration.

What Are Some Helpful Tips to assure I Pass While at the Test?

You have prepared yourself mentally and physically to pass. Your vehicle is well prepared and passes inspection to be used on the road. Now it is time for the actual testing. Follow these helpful tips to assure you become a licensed driver:

What can I do while on the road to pass the test?

Stay calm while on the road, it will help you to make better judgments if a situation arises. Follow the rules of safe driving to assure you do not endanger yourself or other drivers during the test:

How can I avoid Automatic Failing of the test?

The behind the wheels test works on a point grading system. Scoring your road test in electronically administered with a high-tech tablet. But there are some cases where you will automatically fail your test and be asked to retest at a later date after more practice and an additional cost. The most obvious of these would be damaging a vehicle or causing an accident while on the road. Any illegal or unsafe act will result in an automatic disqualification (FAIL). Here are some ways to avoid an accident and receiving an automatic fail:

         Do not stop at a yield. This will potential cause you to be hit from behind by another driver.

         Use your turn signals, and donít signal too soon or too late.

Follow these helpful tips before and during your behind the wheels test and you will surely pass on the first try. It is important to stay calm while out there and remember that the drivers around you are experienced, so they may not be prepared for you to make a rash decision. Know ahead of time what you are planning to do, whether it be changing lanes or making a turn. Practice makes perfect so most importantly, assure you have had plenty of time on the road and you will be driving on your own in no time.