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What is behind the wheel driver training? Do you offer the DMV road test at your school? (You must speak/understand English, we do not offer road tests in any other language than English, for assistance in any other language, contact your local DMV.) We reserve the right to withhold a road test for the safety of our instructor and/or car or for inclimate weather conditions.

For over 20 years successfully teaching over 5000 students to drive, shows how  effectively our in-car driver training program works. Developed by Marco Lashin, (owner and instructor Lakeland Atlantic Driving School). Our program is constantly being improved. Plus we offer pick up and return in our service area for our Driver's education program*. Each lesson is a one on one 2 hour session always in the car with one of our state certified driving instructor. Our modern, late model cars are equiped with dual brakes, dual mirrors and appropriate signage to show other drivers and pedestrians we have a driver in training on board. Each lesson has a written lesson plan to assure all aspects of driver training is covered and completed. Each lesson is scored/graded similar to school and a copy of the lesson plan is given to each student to show his or her progress and highlight what improvements are needed or have been made before the next lesson. Many packages are available, please contact 863.298.9600 for available classes, packages and times and dates.

We offer the road test prep course (SKILLS TEST) to insure that the student knows each procedure the State DMV requires to pass the road test.* No surprises about what is on the road test and the road test prep course helps the first time driver understand the procedures and the skills required to pass. Practice time is included and use of our car is part of the package. This course is approximately 90 minutes in length and starts and concludes at the driving school. The fee for the first road test is included in the cost of this course. If this is the second or third attempt at a road test, there is an additional $20 fee imposed by the Florida DMV. The road test portion of the road test prep courseis only available after the conclusion of the prep course same day, immediately after the prep course is completed. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We are the first and only driving school in 10 counties to offer third party road tests at our facility, so skip the long waits and lines at the DMV and take your road test with us. We also offer our driver's education car to use if yours is not available or is needed when taking your road test from us at a small nominal fee.** YOU MUST possess a valid Florida permit to take a third party road test at our facility. If you have an out of state/country permit you have to take the road test at the DMV or convert to a Florida Class E Permit. If you do not have a permit, contact us for instructions on how to get one. 863.298.9600  The fees for a third party road test vary by the options chosen and our road tests are prepaid, no cancellation or refund once the payment has been made securing the time, date and availablity of an examiner. NO EXCEPTIONS-NO REFUNDS. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AND PREPAID IN ADVANCE. WE DO NOT COLLECT MONEY ON THE DAY OF THE ROAD TEST AND DO NOT ACCEPT WALK-INS for TESTING. To schedule a road test, please have your learne's license and the payment ready when you call 863.298.9600. Later hours and some Saturdays are available however they are limited so allow plenty of lead time for late and Saturday.

Upon successful completion of the road test administered by Lakeland Atlantic Driving School, LLC. (Administered by A Treasure Coast Driving School) you will receive a certificate of completion of the road test and this must be presented at the Florida DMV to upgrade from a Florida permit to a full Driver's license. (NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED, YOU MUST BE AT THE POLK COUNTY OFFICES BEFORE 4 PM weekdays. You must bring the successful completion certificate and upgrade your permit to the full license before you can driver by yourself. Generally the only additional charge if the info on your license is correct, $6.25 for the new full class E license.

In the unlikely and/or rare event of an audit by the Florida DMV (randomly selected retest), you will be asked to pass another road test at the DMV office using your vehicle and successfully pass at your expense. At our facilities, we can provide the first, second, and third road test. After 3 attempts here, you must go to the DMV office in your area. Each road test after the first, has an additional $20 fee imposed on top of the current fee. NO REFUNDS once the test has been paid for and scheduled. We do not offer refunds for any reason. Road test must be prepared for by studying the DMV handbook, as it is a skills test on an open road course, not everyday driving. We have added some tips to help in the process (CLICK HERE). GOOD LUCK!

*Included in certain packages at no additional cost.   **USE of our Driver's education car is an additional $20 per road test.  No REFUNDS or changes ONCE PAID AND SCHEDULED.

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